Creature Fear

What do you get when you take five ambitious and manic musicians from far-flung suburbs and country towns and lock them in an inner-city Melbourne rehearsal room? You get Creature Fear – a compelling mix of 60’s garage rock and modern atmospherics rolled into a full-bore, shoes-off sound that can still whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Having independently released three singles earning them multiple spins on Triple J ,they have played alongside Killing Heidi, Ball Park Music, Kingswood, Tired Lion, The Delta Riggs and Boo Seeka.

With their theatrical, leg-spasming live show turning heads, Creature Fear are not just an energetic live act but have something interesting and startlingly original to say. It’s a recipe that JJJ has described as “curious greatness”.

With their variety of character based songs “creating a mini universe that you’ll be unable to resist losing yourself within (happymag)” and more raw personal tunes covering impressively diverse genres, the music works along their most striking asset: the dual lead vocals of Graham’s garbled menace and singer Jacqui Lumsden’s Joni-meets-Janis pristine shrieks.

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