Dear Seattle and West Thebarton sign with major record label

Today, Dear Seattle and West Thebarton are both stoked to announce that they have signed to a brand new label under the fearless leadership of Violent Soho’s James Tidswell.

The label, named ‘Domestic La La‘, is part of the UNIFIED Label Group, and will be guiding the two bands through their future releases with the knowledge and experience Tidswell has gained during his hugely successful career in Violent Soho, with the help of one of Australia’s most celebrated independent companies – UNIFIED.

You may recall Tidswell was spotted at BIGSOUND rocking out and singing along to every word of Dear Seattle’s set – and here’s what he had to say about signing the Sydney-based four piece:

I fell in love instantly, and I ended up being late to the dinner I was going to. I’ve been to every show since, I’m just smitten.” – James Tidswell on Dear Seattle

Signing the contract in Sydney recently, Dear Seattle also made sure to include a personalised condition (see video below), stating that all parties were to complete a 750ml VB beer bong together before the contract was validated. All parties complied.

To put things into perspective, upon negotiating our record contract with DLL we added a clause that said Tids had to smash 750ml of VB through a beer bong, and he did it like a champion. If that’s not family, I don’t know what is” – Brae Fisher, Dear Seattle

Alongside this signing, Dear Seattle are also pleased to announce their Self-Titled EP will now be available on vinyl for the first time since release. Preorder here.

Alongside Dear Seattle, West Thebarton have come on board DLL as well. To celebrate the label, there is a 7” subscription called the Domestic La La Record Club, where you put two bands together and release a double A-side. The goal is to have 10 each year, The first one will be West Thebarton “Ivan” / STORK “Dark Shadows”. Pre-order it here.

I was so amped by it, that I didn’t know how to listen to the song properly because it just had me wanting to move. I don’t exercise, but I drove straight to a gym and put the song on repeat and just started running on a treadmill. I ran six kms and I haven’t run since.” – James Tidwall on West Thebarton

West Thebarton’s new song ‘Bible Camp‘ was premiered by Good Nights on triple J on Wednesday, and have since released the behind the scenes.