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From the hairbrush-microphone afternoons spent in her bedroom belting out every song of Missy Higgins when she was just a little small-town girl with big dreams, Harley Mavis has drawn from her roots and created her own unique combination of cruisy folk-rock. Stemming largely from her all female-power-ballad influences, Harley presents a show of stellar songwriting - with heartbreaking lyrics, driving choruses and a unique understanding of her surroundings.

'No Chance' was the perfect debut to showcase the range and depth of Harley's voice. Its release saw No Chance gain a positive reception; with the song receiving plenty of airplay on both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, and the video gaining screen time on MTV Australia. Hannah Robinson is the brain child behind the artist, racking up songwriting nominations for both her own and co-written works, including the esteemed Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition in 2014 and 2016.

Magnolia follows on from a cracking start for the artist; breaking into a faster beat that screams Summer and pulses with a new energy. Her songs represent everything it means to be young and in your 20s; through inexperienced relationships, moving from a small town to a big city, and beginning to find your feet in this big, bad, world. Unapologetic and intriguing describe her performances that will have you energetic and on your feet just as quickly as slow dancing to her epic ballads. Distinct in her rich vocals you'll be hearing a lot more from this atmospheric rocker now hailing from Sydney's inner-west.

I͛m trying to concentrate but I keep getting lost in these damn fine vocals͟ - Gab Burke (triple J)

Gorgeous voice, gorgeous song͟ - Tommy Faith (triple J)

No Chance, the captivating and authentic new single, is one of the strongest debuts we͛ve come across this year͟– Hhhappy Magazine