About Didirri

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With gentle disposition and threadbare six-string, Didirri’s bittersweet melodies tumble between the bookends of his own biography. Spinning tales of joy and sorrow, his presence consumes listeners into the belly of contemplation, and washes the room with silence.
Hailing from Warrnambool, Didirri was born the son of a painter and a children’s performer. A liking for tune, rooted in Sundays spent singing in church, inspired him to learn piano from an early age. On his arrival to Melbourne he picked up the guitar and founded an ambient-folk act as a platform for his narrative. Often underscored by double bass, fiddle, and electric guitar, collectively they are as effervescent as they are deftly reserved.
His way of life is reminiscent, residing in a humbled corner of Northcote. His unusual dwelling, spattered with curious relics, is an unassuming shed behind his communal home, a sanctuary apart from the saturated humdrum of modernity. Artwork, plants, and anatomical drawings adorn the walls while guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, and an air traffic control microphone feed into a bulky eight-track tape recorder where he tinkers out the character of his journey.
Drawing influences from the genius of Joni Mitchell, Glen Hansard, Jeff Buckley, Stephen Fry, and Tina Fey, he is reluctant to seek shelter beneath the arrangements of symmetrical songwriting. Waxing lyrically the mutable boundaries of the soul, his music obsesses over fluid momentum, compounding dissonance with subsequent resolution.
Didirri’s elegant composition spotlights his pervasive narrative, inciting emotive clarity harnessed by music’s most fabled storytellers. Formulating bottomless soundscapes, he skates between an optimism and poignancy that will draw you closer and betray your expectations.