About Bad Pony

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Since releasing their debut EP 'Limbo' in 2015, Sydney-based quintet Bad Pony have showcased at SXSW (2018) where they won Best Australian Group at Australia House' Aussie BBQ, Canadian Music Week (2017), Singapore’s Music Matters (2016), won the Australian Music Week Awards (2017). They have impressively independently released four self-produced singles, all with national radio success and on the touring front, this premier indie outfit have clocked up thousands of kilometres with four national tours since 2016.

The band inked deals with Perfect Pitch Publishing and a booking deal with 123 Agency in 2016, as well as a management deal with Sydney-based ArowAgency in 2017. The band currently have their sophomore EP, 'Deficiency' in the cooker and received a premiere on Rolling Stone Australia with the release of their explosive single of the same name in 2017.

"It was hard to choose a standout performance from The Aussie BBQ this year, seeing as the lineup was just too damn good (huge nods to Gang of Youths, Vowws, and Elsz), but my vote goes to this irrepressible five-piece."
- The AU Review, March 2018.

"Promoters and agents lined the outskirts of the crowd, nodding in recognition of Bad Pony’s growing reputation. Having completed three national tours since 2015 and with a publishing deal with Perfect Pitch Publishing, and a booking deal with 123 Agency already under their belt, it won’t be long before the band complete a full set of international deals. Adrenaline-fuelled, raucous and executed with controlled power, Bad Pony’s live set is as indelible as their songs: infectious and satisfyingly polished."
- The Industry Observer, March 2018.

"Sydney’s Bad Pony look like they may be next in line to break out."
- SXSW, 2018.

"Musically, ‘Deficiency’ is a leap forward for the band. Balancing grit with glam, the in-ya-face pop-electro confidence is built from a dominant — yet relatively sparse — grinding, mechanical rhythm, that bumps up against a more reflective side (“I’m sick of running out of time”), resembling a introspective nature that’s a far better fit for vocalist Jarred Young’s soulful tone."
- Rolling Stone Australia, March 2017.